The Professional's Cold Weather Thermal Gear

Military Thermals supplies the highest quality 100% PolyPRO garments, both imported and domestic. Military Thermals only sells 100% PolyPRO cold weather gear that is part of the Generation I Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) established by the U.S. Military. Why? There’s nothing better and more economical. Don’t be fooled by high priced, store bought brand names that cost three, four times as much, PolyPRO thermals are the first choice of military personnel around the world and for good reason. PolyPRO retains more of your body heat than any other fabric. PolyPRO thermals are the best extreme cold weather base layer of clothing made. High quality PolyPRO Military Thermals are comfortable and affordable thermal underwear that was specifically designed to keep you warm and dry from cold to extreme cold conditions. Stay warm this season while enjoying all your outdoor activities – working, hunting, hiking, camping or your favorite tailgate party – all are more enjoyable when you’re warm. The secret is low thermal conductivity, in fact PolyPRO has the lowest thermal conductivity of any apparel fabric available. Don’t pay more for less – Compare Military Thermals PolyPRO to other expensive store brands and you’ll discover a world of difference in price and comfort.

Military Thermals PolyPro Pant Crew Set