Made in the USA Polypropylene Long Underwear

Military Thermals produced superior long underwear with 100% US labor and materials. We are proud to have served the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and Coast Guard along with the Department of Defense and Department of State. The ECWCS was developed by the United States Army as a protective clothing system. The system used a triple layering system to created an insulated platform to maintain a soldier’s mobility and survivability in extreme environments. The entire system consisted of 22 total items from base layer to exterior parka including gloves, socks, boots, etc. The original polypropylene Military Thermals base layer is, in our opinion, the best performing and most comfortable product to be worn for everyday use outside of a military survival system.

In recent years polypropylene fabric has been exceedingly difficult to find; impossible if you were searching for a Made in the USA product. Many brands claim to be “military fleece thermal” and they are not. These products are produced with polyester, not genuine polypropylene. Polyester is stiff and not nearly as soft and comfortable as polypropylene. You really can feel the difference.

Sadly, we have exhausted our search for a domestic manufacturer willing to produce our polypropylene fabric. If you have a source for fabric and an interest in buying our domain(s) and graded Gerber patterns to bring your own long underwear brand to market, please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.